Posted 12/14/2015 - By Hihoshi

Pages going up today didn't happen but they are really close to done. I got distracted by html and css but you notice some new features for the comic.

#1 With cookies you can now save your place.
#2 You can now select pages via a drop down menu so you don't have to go to the archive. Also the archive is automated now so it will always be up to date.
#3 You can leave comments and feedback now. I set it to allow guests so you don't need to sign up but if spam or unfunny trolling shows up I will remove it.

I hope you guys like the new setup. I had to remove the latest button for now, if I can figure out how to code it right I will put it back but for now if you “Save My Place” in the comic you can press “Load My Place” and you’ll be able to keep reading from there.

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